The Model Railroad Museum


We have the following for your enjoyment: 150 locomotives, 400 freight and passenger cars, over 20 bridges, 15 tunnels, 1500 feet of track, 350 automobiles and trucks on the highways, 30 boats and ships to add a nautical flavor, and 150 animals, tame and wild. There are 1,000 lights illuminating 300 buildings and their streets, 1,500 people from all walks of life are “wandering” around the layout doing just about everything. 25,000 trees and shrubs create a green and livable atmosphere. Visit a circus, zoo, castle, granite quarry, oil refinery, city, towns, villages, beaches, the ocean, lighthouse with rotary beacon, rivers, a transportation museum display featuring rare brass engines, and watch a flashing beacon on top of a radio station tower. Also see a depiction of downtown Wolfeboro as it appeared more than a century ago.

There is much more for each and every member of the family to see than just the trains. As the day draws to an end, night begins and the houses sparkle with an interior glow, street lamps flash on, passenger car and locomotive headlights pierce the darkness at up to 70 scale miles per hour. The entire display takes on a completely different appearance and now you see things that were not apparent during the day.


The Klickety-Klack Railroad is a “hands-on” experience. Operate the Water Fountain Restaurant, turn on six circus rides and see if there is life aboard a UFO. Ring a real trolley bell, swing the water spout arm over the steam locomotive and then return it to its original position. You can ring the church bells, turn a TV camera on in a diesel locomotive on the turntable and watch the welding in the roundhouse, start a factory chimney stack smoking, puff smoke from a steamship, and operate a tramway which runs from the city to the Castle in the Clouds. There are two buttons which create sound effects: hear the factories and machinery also hear the ships and harbor sounds. Run a narrow gauge train filled with people at the transportation museum.

Operate the quarry train and see it change direction automatically. You can run two Thomas the Tank engines and five other trains–and toot their whistles. Operate the large O scale narrow gauge trains and trolleys. We also have three N-guage trains which you can operate with diesel whistles. Work the Eldorado Gold Mine trains and operate figure skaters on the ice rink. There are over 70 buttons you can operate!

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